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Prompt Care, Inc., the parent company of the URFresh Brand was founded on the principle of Helping People Live a Better Life.  From the inception of the company, we realized that one of the most basic and overlooked necessities of life is breathing the air around us.  Many of our friends and family members have suffered allergies throughout their lives.  Our goal was to create an innovative,  safe, effective and economical solution to eliminating the negative health effects of the many allergens, pathogens and other irritants commonly found in homes and the workplace.

URFresh Service Van


With the introduction of our Gen5 decontamination equipment, we can now meet the growing demand for our process.  Additionally, we can consistently decontaminate larger areas more rapidly with a higher degree of efficacy.  Our pioneering work in the field of decontamination technology combined with a team of Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and Technical staff have allowed us to improve the FreshStart Equipment and the FreshStart Process year over year.


The Team at URFresh has treated thousands of homes and businesses since the original process was introduced in 2001.  With over 13 years of experience and $Millions invested, we have refined the process so that it is now more than 300 times more effective than the original process in eliminating surface mold, dust mite allergens, residual biologicals, noxious odors and smoke odors.


The Patented FreshStart Process is very safe and leaves no residuals except for water vapor and Oxygen.  The key to the process is to acheive very high concentrations of Hydroxyl Radicals while the building interior is being treated and then reducing the ambient atmosphere down to levels approximate to the outside air.  This is done through an innovative approach pioneered by the URFresh Team.

Quality, Integrity and Service to our Community

Our commitment to quality comes from a  team that has experience designing and manufacturing space vehicle decontamination equipment, military systems and equipment for the harshest environments on earth.  There are very few things that will stand up to our process.  Check out the FreshStart Process page for more information

Exclusively Available on the West Coast and the Midwest

Our process is unique and unlike anything else on the market.  It is so original, that we received a patent for it in 2008 and have been refining it every since.  The process can not be found any where else in the world and there is limited availability of our our equipment in the areas serviced.  However, we are expanding rapidly and welcome any and all requests.  We receive calls for our process from all over the United States and often have to turn down requests as we haven’t been able to expand rapidly enough outside of California or the Midwest to meet demand.  However, if you have a need that can’t be met by any other remediation or process, give us a call and we’ll see if there is anything we can do.

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