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Let Your Family Breathe Easy

Reduce the Allergens

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Eliminates Odors

Eliminates the Effects of Surface Mold

The FreshStart In-Home-Process

Eliminates Allergy Triggers

FreshStart Whole House Treatment for Allergies, Odors and Surface Mold

In Home Allergy Treatment

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Eliminates Effects at Microscopic Level

The FreshStart Process Treats the Entire Home including the Air Ducts.  The HVAC recirculation fan is turned on at the start of the process so that the mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen and Hydroxyl Radicals can be dispersed throughout the home.


Our FreshStart Process Removes Allergy Triggers from your Home.  Read our Reviews.  They speak for themselves

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Food Odors, Smoke Odors, and Odors that just build up over time.  Try the FreshStart Process and let us amaze you.

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Surface Mold

Most Homes have Surface Mold and it makes your home smell musty and old.  Let us show you what we can do.

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Real People. Real Experiences

“I was amazed by the results of Fresh Start. Before the process, I thought my house was clean and had it done as a green way to be pro-active against allergens. After, I couldn’t believe how much cleaner my house FELT and how I enjoyed the ‘clean’ smell of other items in my house. I would recommend this to friends, families, and clients.”

KrisWest Des Moines, IA

‘When we first heard of FreshStart, we were skeptical. However, with the Owners on site and their thorough explanation of the process, we were very pleased. They took the time to explain what they were doing as well as what we should expect in the coming days. Their pre-treatment checklist allowed us to prepare for the treatment and maximize the benefits of their service.

Even though we have never thought our house smelled too much like our pets, we wanted to make sure that others’ did not feel that way. With FreshStart, we got just that, a fresh start with the air quality in our seven-year-old home. Thanks FreshStart!”

Gary and TaliaWaukee, IA

“I am so thrilled with the entire FreshStart by Prompt Care process. Starting with their nice technicians, who came to my house and took the time to explain everything and make me feel comfortable. To the treatment that made my home feel fresh and clean. With five dogs, a cat and a bird living in my home, I was amazed how it significantly reduced my home’s pet odors. I can feel the difference! The allergens, pet dander and dust mite feces don’t affect me anymore. Thank you FreshStart.”

LaurenLos Angeles, CA

“I’m so thankful for the process you have of indoor air decontamination for it has changed the quality of my life and health more than I could have ever imagined possible. I never realized how much sickness could come from mold spores that grow and spread because of a hidden water leak.

My allergy problems had skyrocketed to the point where my doctor could not prescribe a medication that would help; I was coming down with an infection every three months and every time my granddaughter came to visit me, she became sick with respiratory problems and would frequently end up in the hospital.

After the water leak was repaired and the decontamination treatment of only four hours was completed, I noticed a dramatic difference the very first night. I was able to sleep straight through the night and not wake up because of stuffiness and itchy eyes. Being able to live in a ‘healthy home’ instead of a ‘sick home’ without the recurring infections is worth much more than the cost of your service.

JacqueeRiverside, CA

We have a history of allergies in our family and our daughter has it the worst. When she came home from Stanford over winter break, she could barely sit down in our living room, apparently because of one of our dogs. The URFresh guys explained that various things are hidden below the surface and last long after the dog’s contact. They explained their process to my daughter and she understood the chemistry involved. I was skeptical, but am now among the converted. After treatment, the problem was solved for our daughter, so we plan to have the UR Fresh treatment done twice/year. The guys were professional, came when they said they would and when it was convenient for us, and left our home as they found it.

TimNewport Beach, CA

My Dad has really bad allergies and I asked URFresh to treat the condo.  The next day, I asked Dad how it worked and he said he actually slept through the night for the first time in awhile.  The FreshStart process is the only thing that seems to work as we have tried almost everything else.  The people were great and the service techs were very professional.

DennisAliso Viejo, CA

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