Cigarette Smoke

Long Term Cigarette Smoke Exposure

January 11, 2014
When looking for a new place to live, have you ever walked into…

Cigarette Smoke in a Vehicle

January 11, 2014
Have you ever stepped into a car, truck, RV or boat and suddenly…

Light Cigarette Smoke Odors

January 11, 2014
Have you ever had friends or family members that use tobacco…
Burnt Food Odors

Burnt Food Odors

January 11, 2014
Have you ever been distracted when preparing a meal? Food preparation…

New Cabinet Odors

January 11, 2014
New home owners and/or those who have remodeled their homes and…

Carpet Odors

January 11, 2014
Frequently, new carpeting can produce out-gassing from the materials…

Paint Odors

January 11, 2014
As in other out-gassing situations, the FreshStart process is…
blue sky and clouds

Safe Odor Elimination

January 11, 2014
URFresh’s indoor air quality treatments provide a dramatic…

Pet Odors

January 11, 2014
The FreshStart process is effective in biological pet odor removal…
Green Sanitizer

Sewage Odors

January 11, 2014
The FreshStart process is very effective in eliminating the odors…

Rat Odors

January 11, 2014
If you have Rats or Mice nesting in your attic, garage or other…

Dead Animal Odors

January 11, 2014
URFresh has successfully eliminated the odors caused by dead…
Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis) sniffs about in the grass

Skunk Odors

January 11, 2014
On many occasions the FreshStart process has been used successfully…

Food Odors

January 11, 2014
What is sweet and wonderful to some is an unpleasant odor to…

Musty Home Odors

January 11, 2014
When buying or selling a home, or when going to visit a friend…

Sick Building Syndrome

January 11, 2014
Building-Related Illness (BRI) is a discrete, identifiable disease…

Dust Mites

January 11, 2014
Although bedding is the prime habitat for dust mites, they can…
allergy in winter

Pet Allergies

January 11, 2014
Household pets are among the most common sources of allergic…
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